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the greatest fear

I strongly believed that you don’t necessarily need a lifetime of friendship to consider that person the best friend you ever had in your life. It might take only a few years, but she understands you the most.. because she … Continue reading

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mixed emotions and a grateful me

When I woke up yesterday morning, I thought it’s just gonna be another day. Ordinary, simple, with maybe a few highlights. Just a day.. yet, I’ve got it all. Experienced a whole bunch of feelings that left me wondering whether … Continue reading

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Wonderful words

So much to tell and write, yet so much to do with so little time and space. Watched Sepet earlier with Ali, A.K, Kak yuha, Parg and Patin (who both had watched the movie last two weeks). Not in the … Continue reading

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The Sensitive Issue

Remembered the last conversation I had with a fren last night.. Didn’t expect that it’d came out from her. Maybe because she’s the jolly one, seems not bothered with what others have been pening kepale thinking about.. What if aku … Continue reading

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Flame, Friends and Freedom

It’s great to appreciate the taste of freedom after hmm.. let’s see.. 3 weeks of hard work. Handed in my dissertation to the medical skool office, asking Zue to tag along; I was close to tears. I had finished doing … Continue reading

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