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A day to cherish heal

It is now half six in the evening, and come to think of it.. I survived the hours so far. Minus the resistance to waking up this morning, or the implusive act to shut my eyes tightly when I woke … Continue reading

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Birthday Wishes

HAPPY BIRTHDAY kAK yUhA, sHAfIq AND dAnu!!!!!!! I would wish you perfect joy, untouched by sorrow.I would wish you a life of success, with no failure.I would wish you a life of love always fulfilled and returned.I would wish you … Continue reading

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she grins and grins

Although it was over the phone, I could picture her giggling at the other end.Miles apart, yet, it felt so close.And even if the same stories were told, they still have the same effect on us. We’re still easily amused.Plus, … Continue reading

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Comfort and its overdose

Often mull over the impact of familiarness or comfortableness on our lives? I guess, most of the time, we tend not to question it. Coz if we do ponder around the issue, then it wouldn’t be an issue. Arasso? Heh, … Continue reading

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Anger Management

A fren once challenged me to show my anger.. it doesn’t kill you, you’ll feel a lot better.. that was what she said. I laughed and told her, don’t be daft. i DO show my anger; just not by punching … Continue reading

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it’s hard to be the one staying behind.. enuff said!to zue n fatin.. miss you guys so much.. missing every single of youwonder what has been happening to me?hmm.. i’ll just let the picture speaks for itself.. hehe..those are exaggerations … Continue reading

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The Adventurous Moi

“Peah, what are the adventurous things you do in life? Do you like bungee-jumping? Sky diving? What’s your ideal vacation? Get a life la weehhh..”Sigh. Somehow, I often wonder why must there be a stereotyped definition regarding life that the … Continue reading

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