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The One That Got Away

this is an example of what you get when exploring the net.. ideas to cilok. GRINS!They’re not all do-over regrets, not all rending-of-clothes, gnashing-of-teeth regrets — though some may be. Often our pains over lost loves are the kind that … Continue reading

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sing me a song

how many times have i been listening to it? i’m so much into this song at the moment.. how wonderful if someone wud sing this to me.. kehkehkeh P/s: Imah, no, no, no.. not you! Please don’t start singing for … Continue reading

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what makes it different back then?

I’ve been neglecting this site, I agree. I blog for my love for words, and for the joy of looking back at the different characters I became in a split second. Nevertheless, with the surreal amount of work.. I have … Continue reading

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Been tagged!

i guess i have no choice rather than to update my blog with this so-called meme… here goes.. trip down memory lane…(in spite of some things i wished to leave behind and never look back):P 20 years ago, 1985let see.. … Continue reading

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Cuti oh cuti

At first I thought two weeks would not be enuff to ease the aches and strains from revising, doing ward work and writing Lei Med Skool’s infamous portfolios. Almost to every single soul I complained about the injustice we had … Continue reading

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statement required

STiLL ALIVE!!!! … just need to sort things out at the moment…… still euphoric from my two-weeks hols… … i’m (rasenye) definitely ‘free’ from the grip, alhamdulillah…… came across a bunch of wonderful peeps, yet, knowing in reality.. i’ll be … Continue reading

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