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A bit of yin and yang

They say that life’s a roller-coaster; at times we’re at the top and other times at the very low. Nevertheless we still could afford to scream in euphoria all along the ride, don’t we? Hehe, i’m not sure where will … Continue reading

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It’s nice when..

While you’re running around like mad, trying to be at places you have are expected to be.. and when you’re asking for miracles like “can I have a few clones?” so that you would not disappoint your loved ones, or … Continue reading

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KALAH lagiiii..

tsk tsk tskwhat to do?maybe it’s down to luckcoz i personally think we were okayish anywayswhatever it was.. we definitely had a blast i’ve uploaded pics of nott’s games and raye on my fotopages

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Losing patience

There’s a limit to what we can take and accomodate for ppl. There’s a limit to another’s patience. There’s a limit to reason with ppl’s nonsense. Enuff said.. I am too angry to even write; mentioning the name before me … Continue reading

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Like a bee

It’s the time of the year where I seemed not getting enuff of my 24-hr space.. Juggling as I’m used to, there are still lots slipping through.. and I can only look longingly at those stuffs I wish I could … Continue reading

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