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“A couple of hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin shared with the world the secret of his success. Never leave that till tomorrow, he said, which you can do today. This is the man who discovered electricity. You think more people … Continue reading

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…. and we tend to forget!

We often slapped our foreheads and say.. “ya Allah, lupe sgt!”. Even more often we squinted our eyes in anger, and say ” How can u forget? it’s my birthday!” Guilt crept into ourselves, thinking why on earth did we … Continue reading

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well, well, well..

Your Personality Is Idealist (NF) You are a passionate, caring, and unique person.You are good at expressing yourself and sharing your ideals. You are the most compassionate of all types and connect with others easily.Your heart tends to rule you. … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Strength and Courage

It takes strength to be firm,It takes courage to be gentle. It takes strength to stand guard,It takes courage to let down your guard. It takes strength to conquer,It takes courage to surrender. It takes strength to be certain,It takes … Continue reading

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acting our age

they couldn’t accomodate me in the morning surgery since our registrar, whose wif our practice called in sick. so rob said.. go home and rest. funny, as that what dr trayner said to me yesterday regarding my afternoon surgery wif … Continue reading

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