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you know you’re in love

What do they say about being in love? It’s got to do wif the fluttering of the heart as the phone rings; hoping that it wud be him on the other end. It’s about getting ready for hours, picking an … Continue reading

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Profession wise

Am still confused and have no idea what I might do in the future. Short term goals are not troublesome, grad from medical skool. Crytsal clear! But.. nak jadik ape in the end???? Recently told Ali, how I liked surgical … Continue reading

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Missing you so much, little Sis

I miss youThat there’s no one poking at my ribs at 5 am coz she’s up, bored and hungry. I miss you That there’s no one to bargain another 10 minutes of sleep. I miss youThat there’s no more fight … Continue reading

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speaking of new year resolutions

What is so great about 1st January? Yes, you could purchase new diaries, planners, fill in organizers. And there’s the countdown where some ppl find it imperative to their lives ( still, i can’t see the significance). And ppl start … Continue reading

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