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the best companion

In life, people come and leave. No matter how tight you hold on to them, perpisahan is almost always inevitable. Lucky that often absence is short-lived; new faces would greet you. And the cycle repeats itself. So many have come … Continue reading

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this is how we do it

Alhamdulillah.. I’ve passed my exam, which as most of you would understand… a major relief. I wish I had a few days off before starting the next block. I really wish. To compensate, we decided to celebrate our end of … Continue reading

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a break from reminiscing

The more I’m near to exams, the more I tend to update. That’s so Peah, if you realized. Nonetheless, Ali gave these to me and gave permission to share it with others (yes, our Banting clan). Divinely beautiful, isn’t she?

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a few years from now….

niesa: 😥 awww…as arnee would say…sedih!!!what ske really meant: terharu…(isk)yatt: of course…who wouldnt?? everytime aku teringat our time kat med 3 and block F, either tersengih or tergelak sorang2…the BEST 2 years of frenship..sayang korang!hani: wehehe…yup niesa, i missed the … Continue reading

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End of chapter

Today’s my last day in Bedford. I’ve been repeating this for the umpteenth time.. it’s sad to leave. I guessed, this time around I’ve been very lucky to have a great team coaching me all along. I dunno about you … Continue reading

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It has been a while since I last talked to her. Perhaps years. But she seemed the same old jolly friend of mine. We chattered for quite some time. Harking back to the days where things were totally poles apart … Continue reading

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the long awaited cry

I wanted to start my entry by saying… I Love Obs and Gynae!!! That I love it beyond words and more than I thought I would. Tapi, I remembered saying the same thing bout my last rotation of general medicine … Continue reading

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