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The Pledge

I promise to love myself and put my happiness above everything else and… I will not involve myself in any self-inflicting injury or deliberate self-harm act. Note to self: repeat the statement above as a chant for the next couple … Continue reading

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Playing doctors

It was all fun, hillarious and much-needeed rest. We had our clinical skills week and we were subjected to billions of venepuncture, cannulisation, catheterisation, suturing (I*HEART*Suturing), administration of i/v drugs and the list continues. Ali had a needle stick injury … Continue reading

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one in a million

Kawan ketawa ramai, kawan menangis susah nak cari. Alhamdulillah, I have plenty of shoulders to cry on. But when there’s a soul who keep asking from time to time without fail: so, rasa iman cane? You know that Allah loves … Continue reading

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You know that something is just not right. You feel it. Here, in your heart. I believe we get them all the time: bouts of feeling ‘idle’. Your iman, that is. Shamefully, you attribute things to lack of energy, rushing … Continue reading

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It felt like only yesterday I attended Kak Yuha’s graduation. Thanks to Dean, I was part of the ceremony once again. Blissful event, it was. And it wouldn’t be long for my turn to come. *mixed emotions* Congratulations again DR … Continue reading

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Your pick

There are so many ways for you to leave a mark in ppl’s life. No one can tell you how, no one can coach you through. It’s your choice, so take your pick. Don’t blame me if the last thing … Continue reading

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danger of the eyes

You know as a medical student, you become acclimatised to the routine of physical examination. You’ll start at the hands; looking for clubbing, cyanosis and feel the pulse. Then you move up to the face, looking for clinical evidence of … Continue reading

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