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How time flies

Aidilfitri 04Aidilfitri 05 Ramadhan 05 – Hazel 1Ramadhan 06 – Hazel 1 Funny how quickly time passes, things change one by one, and you thought you were still at the same spot. Only to realize, you were deluded. On the … Continue reading

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the ME test

At 10.30 pm, just for fun I asked a bunch of ppl.. carissima says:this is a test to know how much u know me. i need motivation . so,likely, what am i doing at the moment??? Hafizah~ says:clean ur roomHafizah~ … Continue reading

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donkey years

I was approached today by my long lost junior in school. We chatted, trying to match memories. It was fun. She mentioned to me that she read an article in IMAM’s The Beat I wrote looooong time ago (read: 2 … Continue reading

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