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i want..

…to write entries as much, i’ve got so many things to tell and share…to cook and bake, perfecting my culinary skills…to go for long jogs along the serene canal and just lie on the grass, looking up to the clear … Continue reading

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kanak-kanak ribena

Dear readers, Before you proceed do say gratitude that you’re actually reading this rather than being literally in front of me listening to my babbling. It saves you the torture and putting them into words had obtunded my euphoria. Hence, … Continue reading

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I’m not bothered to justify why or the meaning to this. I want to believe that Allah The Most Merciful had a better plan for me. A little stronger – with the turbulence of exams and this little comeback. What … Continue reading

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cik salwani

sonie said… i’m gonna miss u too…. :,(u’ll come home once in a while rite..? These will be the future entries in my planner – marked with RED, BOLD, CAPITAL LETTERS Call Son – listen to the reality of working … Continue reading

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new language we speak

It’s becoming a custom now, us passing by each other in the hospital corridors and we begin to communicate in this secret code. Like today I saw Samah looking rather haggard and tired walking by the Middleton Assessment Unit. We … Continue reading

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a reason

You know time is scarce; every second should be cherished and filled with a new knowledge albeit just a line or a medical syndrome. Yet being someone who’s productivity level shoots up and dampens down in miliseconds – I cling … Continue reading

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no appeal

maybe it’s because exams coming up and my brain is overloaded with medical calculations that it has no spare room to rationalise or justify one’s act. maybe i’ve become a bitter person with zero-tolerance policy. i hope it’s the former. … Continue reading

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