26 years and many more to come (insya Allah)

It had been a good weekend. A good birthday. Nice company. Al Mashriq was excellent to my liking. Thank you sgt2 for those who came.

Turning 26, means I’m nearer towards 30.. leaving 20 further away. Some ppl find aging very frightening. I have to say honestly, the only fright I’m experiencing is disappointing my grandma (not MYSELF!) that at this age.. my finger is still naked from a wedding band. Tu aje. Otherwise, I’m glad and happy for the last 26 years of my life. Regrets? Zilch!

It’s been a new adventure these days. To feel this contented. To reach this level of happiness. That kadangkala, I question how tomorrow will be for me? Will I be crushed as He had Bestowed upon me this uncountable Rahmah? I’m just taking baby steps. Facing each day with gratitude.

I’m happy. Sangat. Thank you again – for so many reasons. Not just for the prayers on my bday. In particular, for being in my life.


About miss M

Just another person, finding her way through a catalogue of errors and a series of accomplishments. Each time arriving at the same conclusion: everything is from Him.
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