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Open arms

table for 5 please (written in retrospect) I found Ramadan this year, a new experience. Fasting while working, quite tough. Fasting while being on-call, it gives patience a new meaning to me. It’s not the hunger or thirst. I guess, … Continue reading

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1st member

it’s long overdue. i just forgotten that they were sitting idle, tucked in the corners of my disk space. INTRODUCING….Leicester’s 1st baby..BABY AKMAL AIMANHe’s soooooo tiny. Weighing only just over 2 kg when he was born. Poor baby Aiman, look … Continue reading

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for life

As I predicted, I’m now getting more comfortable being a GP. As I predicted, words easily came out of my mouth reassuring patients that it’s minor, it’s viral, it’s stress-related and whatnot. Do I love it? No, I’m still restless. … Continue reading

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selfish whimper

From an early age in life, I’m trained to express myself. Happy moments, worry, sadness – voice it out, don’t let it eats you. I stuck by it and saw that it’s never a bad idea. Because you are able … Continue reading

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Since I’ve moved back to Leicester, somehow I’ve got more time to spare. More chances of reflecting on issues and daydreaming. So there I was in bed on Saturday night, mulling over how far I’ve came and where I’m heading … Continue reading

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Is it too soon or have I made up my mind for sure? I’m not cut for this. This pace, this lifestyle. I was sitting in with one of the partners, one after another patient came in, by mid-clinic I … Continue reading

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How amazing is this? I am sitting in Consultation Room 7 with bold capital letters across the door: DR M EEZAMUDDEEN I thought I should give it a nice opening ceremony by blogging my 1st post as a GP. Hahaha. … Continue reading

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