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He said…

Ibn Umar said, “I came to the Prophet along with nine other people when a man of Ansaar stood up and asked: O Prophet of Allah! Who is the wisest person? He (Prophet s.a.w) replied: The one who mentions and … Continue reading

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pause, n.: a break, stop for a calculated purpose or effect

Ever found yourself in a situation where you were treated badly without knowing clearly what you have done wrong? It is so easy to EXPLODE. When you’re so stressed and needs a way to vent it all out. And when … Continue reading

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flash back

Present I am sitting by my desk, with Fatin gently snoring away next door. My head hurts. In my mind I know there are tasks I should tackle – writing up audit, reading up for GUM clinic, plan my mum’s … Continue reading

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in less than 1 week, I am leaving La-La-land.It’s been emotional!

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Saturday Night Fever

roasted leg of lamb with lemon, herbs and garlicroasted seasonal vegetablescreamy mashed potatoestasty onion gravy rich and sinful chocolate tart watching X-Factor, the Take That week (and Rachel got kicked out, YEHAAA!) surrounded by good friends, laughing our hearts out. … Continue reading

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headacheknowing what you want

In medical school, over and over again we were reminded of the essence of exploring patients’ ideas, concerns and expectations. To a point at every lecture on psychosocial issues I feel like regurgitating all of it back. Did I tell … Continue reading

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myth (mith) noun: a traditional story accepted as history; serves to explain the world view of a people

Whenever I have a conversation with my mum’s friends, my grandma’s surau-friends or any makcik2 (aunties) or even pakcik2 (uncles)they do this ‘thing’ that I found it so hard to change. It’s more of a delusion come to think of … Continue reading

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