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the calling

Those who are close to me know that I never wanted to be a doctor. Flash forward 8 years, here I am. A doctor by profession, with abundant dreams yet to be realised. I have always daydreamed, if I’m not … Continue reading

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adj 1. exquisite, fine, or subtle in quality, character, construction, etc. 2. having a soft or fragile beauty 3. (of colour, tone, taste, etc.) pleasantly subtle, soft, or faint 4. easily damaged or injured; lacking robustness, esp in health; fragile … Continue reading

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If you cant inspire, be nice. If you cant be nice, just dont spread the negative vibe

All praises to Allah for a day that heightens my motivation in the work I do, the intellectual stimulation that insya Allah I will put into use in my daily encounter with patients and fellow colleagues and most importantly the … Continue reading

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the luxury i never have

So we managed to finalise my training plan in the end. 3 months of General Medicine in Selayang Hospital, then 6-8 months of Oncology in HKL and then off to specialization land (wherever that is). We will cross the bridge … Continue reading

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out of the familiar circle

This is long overdue, but I want to write about this. No, I need to. Over the last two and a half weeks, I have been tucked away in a very remote area in Perak. Okay, maybe not that remote. … Continue reading

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one month in and i’m still alive

note to ika: you prompt me, thank you. note to yatt and niesa:  sorry i failed so early on It’s a month. I am an employee again. By name, I am what they call a trainee lecturer. What do I … Continue reading

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