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the 1st rule is

TO BE KIND. That was said in our department meeting earlier this month. Be kind to our patients because they are vulnerable, they have gone through a lot and they are counting on us. Yet, it is sometimes too idealistic … Continue reading

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the danger of the oak tree

I think I grew independent quite early in life. Having both parents pursuing their careers and no maid at home, I was taught self-reliant and the ‘just-do-it’ principle are crucial to get by. Boarding school just solidifies the life lesson. … Continue reading

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the breakfast club

Since day 1, the three of us would coincidentally arrive at the same time. Then we would take the long walk from the car park to our department together. It is a nice start to the day. To be with … Continue reading

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meine familie

1st weekend into the programme, i had more than enough to chew. 3 classes all due this week plus a journal club to prepare, i was basically drowned by just the idea of how much revising I needed to do. … Continue reading

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i’m not without flaws

Sometimes i think being a perfectionist, allows you less room for people to cut you some slack. Their expectations remained high without taking into consideration that I am a human too. I have my weaknesses, my challenges. I too get … Continue reading

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simple things that give me joy

Melted butter There’s something comforting about the yellow liquid, oozing with richness. I just love it. I was melting some of the butter this afternoon for some bread and butter pudding, and I was just high by inhaling the aroma. … Continue reading

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day 2

Met my fellow coursemates already. all 10 of us got acquainted. and we were briefed on the structure of the course and the running of the department. *Heart racing* .. half of the class last year failed all the papers.. … Continue reading

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