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good ‘ol comfort


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For the strength to get out of bed in the morning, for the ability to smile and laugh and for the realization of this grateful state

I was just folding my praying mat when I thought of what I just wished for in my dua. And I prayed for so many things. Asked for so many things. Things I wanted. Things I yearned for. Iman, success, … Continue reading

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what I did on Saturday

So we went Maher Zain-ing! My brothers and me. It was hot and sticky, yet the moment he sang.. nothing else mattered. That 3 hours show went down in a wink. I felt delighted that night for two reasons: 1. … Continue reading

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ducking away

I was feeling slightly abashed by the response to my last entry. Let’s just say that I never intended for mass display of my thoughts. I like to write. It’s a me-time thingy. Like when I want to reflect on … Continue reading

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the Jenan ladies

I seldom talk or write of my memories in school. I am not so sure why; perhaps a few bad memories just scared me off remembering the details of that 5 years. Little that I realized the sweeter memories were … Continue reading

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noun. a usually short interval of rest or relief All I needed. Being away, good fluffy pillows, girly moments. As we drove out of the city, with each mile I left behind all that were burdening me. One by one. … Continue reading

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