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for the love of my iphone

I cant part with my iPhone. Mum nagged me, a time too many. When it is out of my sight, my heart rate increases. I have instincts seconds before it rings or beeps. Yeah, no kidding. While I was driving … Continue reading

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Of status and wealth

Since the accident, I have been using my cousin’s car that he very kindly lent me. The perk of having your aunty’s family migrating to another country, you can even choose which car to borrow. Hehe. I have a couple … Continue reading

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A bit too familiar

Going down a similar road this time. Can’t deny that it comes with a heavier heart. Optimism I need you now. On another note, I’m postcall and drowsy. Time to hit the sack. Embracing the new week with this spirit: … Continue reading

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wishing it’ll snow over here

I have this love-hate relationship with the cold, winter season. I love the cold breeze, love the Xmas-y decorations across town, love the fact I get to wear cute gloves. Snow brings peace to me, as I watched the whiteness … Continue reading

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near miss

Gave the family a scare last weekend. I, myself am still reeling from the shock. To be honest, some parts of the accident went blank in my memory. I have no recollections between what happened after I passed the toll … Continue reading

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Staring at the ceiling

It’s that state of exhaustion when you really could kill for even a wink of sleep but the body is beyond ache and you can’t force yourself to doze off. I was going through the motions of the day and … Continue reading

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More hours in a day please

I’m always in such a rush. I don’t think I am striding gracefully at work, I would described my gait as hastened, mid-way between brisk walk and jog. I am all over the place. One minute called there, the next … Continue reading

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