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I have been yearning to write so much, yet each time I tap my fingers away on the keyboard I keep falling asleep without finishing. The other day, I was in the midst of texting, only waking up 3 hours … Continue reading

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Greeting one another

… Ina’s style. (after almost a few weeks of not meeting up, we finally got to publika for dinner) “I haven’t seen you for so long babe…. How are you?” Hugs. Embraces. Air kisses. “Emm.. (studies my face) ok, it’s … Continue reading

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Two weeks into the new year

(one of the writings in the draft sections, pending completion) I’m not one with new year resolutions yadda yadda. I make resolutions as I go along. After each rise or after each fall or after each pause – when the … Continue reading

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Hanging up the white coat

Spent the first 3 days of the year under my duvet; battling the fever and chills. It felt like there were thorns within my throat. I thought of the times I complained of being fat and eating too much. It … Continue reading

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ola twenty-thirteen!

I was ready to write in length of my highs and lows of twenty-twelve; reflecting in gratitude with heart eager to take in the lessons. I remembered the moments of elation, grateful over the blessings He had given me and … Continue reading

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