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Just another person, finding her way through a catalogue of errors and a series of accomplishments. Each time arriving at the same conclusion: everything is from Him.

that blank moment

It was mother’s day yesterday and just like any other mother’s day I wanted to write something nice and straight from the heart. Except, I was staring at the blank page for almost an hour. A week ago, I was … Continue reading

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not the overwhelming kind

Rachel: I want to be someone’s first choice. Ethan: Yeah, you are. Rachel: No, I know what you’re saying. I’m not his first choice. Ethan: Maybe you’re someone’s first choice. What? You never wondered about me? I don’t know how … Continue reading

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half-hearted 2014

I embraced the new year by being at work. When the year kicks off with fireworks around the country, my phone rang to mark the moment. A patient collapsed. I was grateful that we revived him within 5 minutes, my … Continue reading

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that corridor

That once heard the laughters of 4 doctors sharing their tales of the day – the demanding patient, the poor makcik who cant afford our chemo, the nasi lemak that was worth the calories – appear bare and hollow in … Continue reading

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1435 H

The last entry I wrote was the end of a phase. What better things to write than a hopeful beginning? 🙂 In all honesty, I have been rather down sober since last month. Life feels different. Life has been different. … Continue reading

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Goodbye for now. (Al Fatihah for Dr Nur Emilia Othman)

It seems like a dream. I feel like I went through the motions of the day without clarity. Yet, it was true. You have left us Kak Emi. And we know you are in a better place, insya Allah, but … Continue reading

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new relationship, old loyal partner

No, this is not a mushy post. Not even a post about wedding preps. I thought of writing about rekindling my relationship with my ‘old lover’ – with a new kind of passion, with a few barriers dropped between us … Continue reading

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