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Of status and wealth

Since the accident, I have been using my cousin’s car that he very kindly lent me. The perk of having your aunty’s family migrating to another country, you can even choose which car to borrow. Hehe. I have a couple … Continue reading

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the kaftan promise

It must have been weeks or months ago.. on one Sunday morning while I was still lazying in bed when Ina called me. This is quite the routine really, daily phone calls of ramblings, exam fears and everything under the … Continue reading

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be still, my beating heart

Of all the flaws within me that I wish to make right, it is this. This crazy crazy crazy heart of mine. That falls so easily. Sigh. I am normally sold by the first glance. And as I walk closer, … Continue reading

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only myself to blame

I had to re-organize my shoe section in my room. I seemed to forget about the nice ones stuck beneath the pile of boxes. In the morning, I will do the ultimate thing – pick the one easiest to reach … Continue reading

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letting my hair down

It’s nearly 16 hours post my call yesterday. To be honest, this is the most tired I felt since I joined Oncology. Having said that, it is, I guess 1/12 of the exhaustion and craze that came with medical on-calls. … Continue reading

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dress me right

It takes time to get things right. It takes time to know. Just like getting dressed to work. Over the last couple of months, I lived mostly in my PJs. I know, disgusting. (but my PJs ARE pretty hahahaha). And … Continue reading

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celebrating my 27th in style

(an overdue entry) I had a lukewarm feeling about my birthday this year. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten old. Or maybe I just feel special everyday! Hahahaha. ROTF. Maybe it’s due to the fact that I was on my last … Continue reading

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