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Whenever you walked a path and stumbled over a bothering stone, either you cut yourself deep on the knee or get away with a simple bruise, you’d be cautious the next time around. Whenever it rained heavily and you didn’t … Continue reading

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Profound weakness

I stood here this very dayLooking into the mirror hanging on the wallI saw a person physically so familiarYet with the nonexistence of sparkling eyesWith the absence of heart yearning for moreLacking the strength to fight against selfishness. Tired of … Continue reading

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life is beautiful

.. if you have faith in Him and when you’re optmistic about His Love and His Mercy. The exhaustion of 3 days (so far) being on-take with the surgical team from 7.50 am – 6.30 pm (Rick Harvey (SpR) : … Continue reading

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here we go again

What does being a “final year medical student” means to me? As much as I wanted to deny the fact that being a final year has taken its toll on my life, I couldn’t. As much as I wanted to … Continue reading

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for the record

I had a good Raya this year, thank you very much. The most important thing was I did not do anything stupid this time. No more playing games with my heart. No more shooting video clips. To those who had … Continue reading

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