not the overwhelming kind

Rachel: I want to be someone’s first choice.

Ethan: Yeah, you are.

Rachel: No, I know what you’re saying. I’m not his first choice.

Ethan: Maybe you’re someone’s first choice. What? You never wondered about me? I don’t know how to say this… Um, gosh, Rachel, I like you. I’ve always liked you. And when another guy came in the picture, I liked you even more. You are home for me. Wow! That sounded crazy. Wow. And that’s probably what all this is. I mean, it’s probably crazy. It’s not love. But… it kind of feels like it is. Don’t worry. My love is not really the overwhelming kind. Geez, when I’m in love, I drink Rose and watch “Remains of the Day,” so… I don’t know, Rachel, maybe it’s just that I miss you. But I think you fell in love with someone else. And I think you still are. [Rachel nods her head and sits by Ethan’s side.] Ah, dammit, I knew I should have gone for Claire. [Rachel laughs.]

—Something Borrowed (2011)


Is it a sign of maturity and ageing? That love isnt the overwhelming kind? Because love now is calm and serene.

Or has it achieved the equilibrium between holding tight and releasing, between smothering and giving space, between temporary euphorias and permanent ‘low flutters in the belly’?

Perhaps, love is finally.. home.


About miss M

Just another person, finding her way through a catalogue of errors and a series of accomplishments. Each time arriving at the same conclusion: everything is from Him.
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