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reaching equilibrium

I looked back and saw how through the 24 years of my life (and still counting), I had faced huge challenges almost in each phase . At the young age of 10 I had to stand firm for my mum … Continue reading

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end of 2006

Ending the year with a good note and a shareable song – this is dedicated to my Miss Luncai.

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don’t be saddon’t get hurtdon’t lose faithdon’t let the kindness in u fade away ..please. “You gathered my dreams inWhen they all blew awayAnd then tricked them back into meYou saved me I was almost dead”

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dead on my feet

physical exhaustion can never level up to the extreme weariness of emotional turmoil. i’m willing to take up marathons, granite climbing, walking for miles and miles. you name it. (sid, this is hypothetical ok.. :P) I can deal with being … Continue reading

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the holiday

usually i enjoy to summarise things in one word, it sort of wrapped up the whole issue nicely. nevertheless if i were to tell the tale of my recent holiday break.. it’d take up more than one. my istanbul (and … Continue reading

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i’ll be gone

such a good timing.. I’ll be away for almost 10 days.. am going to explore Istanbul and retreat into the comfort of my buddies in Dublin. I really need some time away. the thought even before the actual adventure is … Continue reading

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for you

( sometimes I find it hard to express myself.. yes, I do. Betull! I’ve so many things to say and to comfort you. Perhaps I feel that my opinion may not be of a value to you. I think writing … Continue reading

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