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little sister in the house

My dearest sis is back for the summer holidays and I havent yet master my routine while she is around. I have been travelling back and forth from Rawang to HUKM everyday. It does tire me out but the thought … Continue reading

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the yearly prescription for the soul

Day -1 of Ramadan. I have mixed feelings – so elated that I have lived to see another Ramadan insya Allah, so optimistic in redeeming myself, yet so disheartened at how much I failed to persevere through since last fasting … Continue reading

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a cholesterol-heavy weekend

It was a weekend at my grandparents’ recently. My uncle and aunty wanted to have Arissa’s aqiqah before ramadhan. More lamb! (yikes!) I tend to feel very apprehensive about my diet when I visit my grandparents. My grandma, mind ya, … Continue reading

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this is how I walk to work

Every morning on my way to my ward, I see those around me. Patients, patients’ relatives, nurses, medical attendants, academicians, students. All walking into the building – some in hurried steps, some in leisurely comfort. Some independently striding away. Some … Continue reading

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in times of despair

I lost my way once and I pray hard that I will never be astray again. Insya Allah. Yet sometimes it is not so easy to be on track. Especially in those grey days, when you feel so alone and … Continue reading

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the 5 year old who captured my heart

Have I ever mentioned that we have a small, close family on my mum’s side? Yeah, we are only reaching number 16 (insya Allah) in numbers. That’s the total of my grandparents cucu(s). The gap is quite huge between our … Continue reading

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be still, my beating heart

Of all the flaws within me that I wish to make right, it is this. This crazy crazy crazy heart of mine. That falls so easily. Sigh. I am normally sold by the first glance. And as I walk closer, … Continue reading

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