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beating anhedonia

Of late, I seemed to enjoy my time at home. Mom’s away this weekend for their ultimate 50 years TKC reunion. So I had the luxury of me-time and was able to plan the weekend as I wish. I made … Continue reading

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that time during the Jeli trip

In life, you have the commas and the fullstops. They change the way your next sentence sounds and even give a tone to what seems like a dull and boring composition. And i hold in high regard, these life turning … Continue reading

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i just cant resist to pen this down. a beautiful proverb in Latin that I found while surfing the net. just elegantly expressed in those 3 words. qvae nocent docent what hurts, teaches

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balancing the act

At the end of the day, do you find yourself like me? turning and tossing in bed, going through the events of the day in my mind. Have I done enough? For the herein and the hereafter. I am someone … Continue reading

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Doctor-patient relationship

I have an Indian lady on my ward. She is such a sweetheart, always so pleasant and so grateful. Last 2 weeks, she hugged me each time I get to her cubicle for my ward round. One embrace before and … Continue reading

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of road rages

i have many many many imperfections. one of it is my impatience on the road. towards fellow Malaysian drivers to be exact. i realise i might not be the best person to talk about road ethics, dos and don’ts given … Continue reading

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The expanding social calendar (and the waistline)

Among the perks of being back home are without a doubt the numerous family get-togethers, the fun girly day outs and the overflowing event invitations. I’m connected at every level alhamdulillah. And I treasure the opportunity of visiting my grandparents … Continue reading

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