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of worry

I am the world’s worst worrier. It’s just exhausting to even remember how many times I go through the decision in my head. And it’s not major, life-changing decisions only. Even from deciding on what to wear, what to study … Continue reading

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another on the list

It’s been a long while since I managed to sit quietly and enjoy a movie without feeling a whole load of guilt and chirping birds singing “You should study” over my head. I took two days off work last week. … Continue reading

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the creme fraiche in my soup

It is best described as something that enhances the experience. without, it is still ok. Just like the whipped cream on my frappucino. Or the parmesan shavings on my pasta. They just added a kick, bringing it to another level. … Continue reading

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the consequences

I had a rough time at work last week. It stemmed out from 1) the overbearing perfectionist in me and 2) the lack of responsibility on some of my colleagues’ part. So the victim is.. MOI, no hard guess there. … Continue reading

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